STILL FIERCE welcomes all intersex, sex and/or gender diverse folk, their friends and allies. We are a community-based collective that aims to promote the interests of the ISGD community, and create an inclusive space for ISGD folk to meet, network, socialise and engage in ISGD activism and education.

ISGD is a term designed to encompass a variety of bodies, identities and experiences. STILL FIERCE recognises the potential exclusivity of terms like transsexual and transgender, and aims to promote the term ISGD as an alternative for those who live outside of mainstream, heteronormative or traditional sex/gender binaries. STILL FIERCE recognises that dominant understandings of sex (male or female) and gender (masculine or feminine) normalise cisgendered and cissexual bodies and identities, and render those who fall outside of this structure invisible, deviant, pathological, ill, deceptive or dangerous.

We welcome all folk who question, defy, play with or fuck up traditional understandings of the relationship between sex, gender and sexuality, and those folk who are left behind, left out or discriminated against because of their sex, gender, body or identity.

ISGD folk include: intersex, transsexual, transgender, trans*, tranny, genderqueer, cross dressers, butches, femmes, femme fags, fagettes, girlfags, boydykes, bois, transmen, transwomen, gender non-specific trans* people, tranny dykes, transfags, gender pirates, androgynes, neutois, dandies, flappychaps, fancy gentlemen, gentlefags, unicorns, beasts, monsters, drag kings and queens, bearded ladies, ladyboys, dandy campers, gender outlaws, gender pirates, girly boys, princess boys, tomboys, cissies, androgynous, sinadrogynus (without sex and gender identity), people of sex and/or gender cultural differences.

We recognize the huge diversity of people who are not cissexual or cisgendered, and that our diverse bodies, identities, sexualities and experiences cannot be contained under limiting terminology. STILL FIRECE aims to promote the use of the term ISGD as an inclusive alternative term. We aim to come together under the banner Intersex, Sex and/or Gender Diverse to discover our similarities, celebrate our differences, and work together to fight transphobia, homophobia and discrimination based on sex, gender and sexuality.

STILL FIERCE demands the right to self-determination. We believe that the state and/or medical professions should not have the right to dominate, determine or control our relationship to our bodies, sex or gender. We believe in ISGD self-determination, including:

the right to nominate our own pronouns and have that desire respected;

the right to accessible and free medical interventions for those who desire them;

the right to alter our documents and legal status as we see fit, without having to meet unjust, arbitrary, state-enforced requirements;

the right to refuse to nominate ‘male’ or ‘female’ status, or gendered titles on forms, applications, official and un-official documents.

We demand anti-discrimination protections and collectively oppose all forms of violence against ISGD people. We demand fair treatment when dealing with government organisations, and an end to police violence and the transphobic prison system that consistently fails to recognise the needs of ISGD folk.

STILL FIERCE is opposed to all forms of oppression and discrimination. We recognise that transphobia, sex and/or gender-based oppression and homophobia can only be effectively challenged when we are also committed to resisting racism, classism, ableism and other forms of oppression. STILL FIERCE recognises that our struggle is intimately connected with that of other oppressed groups and aims to build meaningful relationships with other political struggles.

STILL FIERCE recognises existing groups and organisations, where alliances and connections can be encouraged: Scarlet Alliance, Fat Femme Front, Sydney Femme Guild, SAGE: Sex and Gender Education… STILL FIERCE aims to create networks with other groups both nationally and internationally, and is open to helping set up other STILL FIERCE collectives to promote a network of locally based ISGD community groups.


3 responses to “ABOUT STILL FIERCE

  1. Hi,

    I am Queer Officer for the University of Sydney in 2011 and one of my policy issues is to petition the university for gender neutral bathrooms. Could I be put in contact with someone from Still Fierce so that I can gather some information/testimonials in order to strengthen my bargaining position against the University?



  2. Can you add Ygender to the links section?
    We want to work together by promoting eachothers events and news.
    We have the same goals, although we are more youth specific but still relevant 🙂

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